Belgrade, 10 January 2007 – Most Serbs in Kosovo would not leave the province in the event of declaration of independence.

A MedianaAdria poll suggests 82.4 percent of Kosovo Serbs believe that the fairest outcome to the talks process would be Kosovo remaining within Serbia in some form of essential autonomy.
The poll was conducted at the request of the Kosovo Ministry.

In the poll, conducted in December last year, 60.8 percent of Serbs say they would not leave Kosovo in the event of a declaration of independence, while 30.5 percent say they plan to move away.

Kosovo’s status is a problem that needs to be resolved for 46 percent of Serbs, while 17.5 of those polled cited as their biggest problem the standard of living, unemployment and lack of economic opportunities.

Personal and property security ranks third on the list of priorities for Kosovo Serbs – 13.5 percent, and better links with Serbia fourth at 12.6 percent.

For the huge majority of Kosovo Serbs – 80.3 percent, a declaration of independence of Kosovo is completely unacceptable, while 1.4 percent of them would fully support the province’s independence.

49.3 percent of Kosovo Serbs believe Kosovo will remain a part of Serbia, while 10.5 percent consider a partition the most just outcome, and 16.9 percent as the most likely outcome.

Source: B92/Tanjug