10 January 2008 – Statistical data made public by the German Federal Office for Migration and Asylum today confirm an ongoing downwards trend regarding asylum applications from Serbia. 1,996 new asylum applications were filed in 2007 as compared to 3,237 in 2006.

In line with this general negative trend, the number of asylum applications submitted by Roma has further declined. In 2007, Roma have constituted the second largest group of recent applicants (40 percent of the total asylum applications), the first group being ethnic Albanians.

Figures for the two years may not however be entirely commensurable, since Serbia and Montenegro were still listed as one country until August 2006. According to the office’s own estimate 3,100 applications out of the total 3,237 applications lodged in by Serbian and Montenegrin nationals in 2006 came actually from Serbia.

Out of 5,705 decisions taken in 2006 concerning Serbian or Montenegrin citizens was positive. 103 people could benefit from subsidiary protection. 700 people appealed.

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