Prokuplje, 9 January 2007 – Dragan Piljević says that refugees from Kosovo living in Prokuplje are facing a humanitarian crisis.

Piljević, Prokuplje trustee for refugees and displaced persons, said that there were more than 4000 refugees from Kosovo residing in the town. He said that this winter, for the first time in eight years, there was not enough wood for heating or food available for the refugees, many of whom were unemployed.
Piljević said that Prokuplje municipality had received its last government subsidy in September last year of some EUR 2090, which had been spent on buying school supplies for refugee children.“Because of the very difficult financial situation, the refugee camp has appealed to the international community, European humanitarian organizations and the government, stating that if help does not arrive soon, the refugees in Prokuplje can expect a long a cold winter which most of the elderly and sick people in the camp will not be able to survive,” Piljević said.

There are currently over 10,000 refugees from Kosovo living in the municipalities of Kuršumlija, Žitorađa, Prokuplje and Blace.

Source: B92/Beta