Berlin, 7 January 2008 — Doris Pack says the EU will definitely send forces to Kosovo as chaos would otherwise erupt after UNMIK’s departure.

“The EU won’t give up on its mission. We’re on the right road and I don’t even think the Russians will have anything against it,” the German European Parliament official told Radio Deutsche Welle.
“When UNMIK leaves Kosovo, a vacuum will open up that the EU must fill. We could leave the police and judges at home, but then chaos would ensue.”Pack said that Prime Minister Vojislav Koštunica “should be glad that the EU is taking the role upon itself,” as the mission’s aim would be for all the province’s citizens – Albanians, Serbs and Roma alike – “to live in a world without conflict,” German radio reported.

“I really don’t understand him, why can’t he see this,” she complained, adding that she was “sure that other politicians in Serbia see this,” it was stated on the radio’s website.

Commenting on Koštunica’s statement that a EU decision to send a mission to Kosovo would breach and annul the Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) that Serbia initialed with the EU, Pack said she was disappointed.“He always told me he was a lawyer. With this threat, he’s contradicting himself. The question is, who exactly is he threatening? I’d say he was actually threatening the citizens of Serbia. And, for a prime minister, that’s remarkable,” she told the program, broadcast in Serbian.“Serbia needs the EU, but I’m not so sure the EU needs Serbia,” the European Parliament official stressed.

Asked whether the EU could freeze talks with Serbia, she replied that it was in the interests of both Brussels and Belgrade to move forward and finished the job that had been started.

Source: B92/Tanjug