The human rights situation of the RAE communities in Kosovo is grim. For years, human rights organizations both within and outside of Kosovo have acknowledged that the RAE communities remain the most marginalized and discriminated against of communities in the territory. In June and July 2007 we conducted additional research on the situation of the RAE communities in Kosovo. The results, which are contained in this report, confirmed this conclusion.

Field interviews with RAE representatives and individuals as well as with humanitarian and nongovernmental organizations and government representatives further suggest that in the current political context there is little chance of reversing this trend. Political will to address the needs of the RAE communities in Kosovo appears weak at best. The strong sentiment on the ground — among RAE and non-RAE interlocutors alike — is that the plight of the RAE communities is worsened by the fact that they sit in the political crossfire between Albanians and Serbs.”

October 2007

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