Dragaš, 2 January 2008 — An explosion last night shook a Komercijalna Bank branch in Dragaš, Kosovo; no casualties.

The blast, that took place at 10:25 p.m. Tuesday, caused extensive damage, not only to the structure housing the bank but also on the surrounding businesses and apartments that mostly suffered shattered windows.

This was confirmed today by the Kosovo police (KPS) command in Priština.

Police are securing the parameter around the site of the explosion, while its expert are conducting an investigation, a KPS statement said.

Regional police in Prizren say the device was placed under one of the bank’s windows, but did not specify which explosive was used.

KFOR however believes that about one kilogram of explosives was planted, but no traces of the device were recovered at the scene.

This is the second time Komercijalna’s branch came under attack since it opened in Kosovo in April 2004. The first explosion happened on February 18, 2006.

The bank’s sole purpose in Dragaš is to service pensioners who receive their monthly installments from Belgrade.

Local police did not reveal that they had any suspects in the bombing or any leads as to the motive of the attack, but did say that after interviewing one of the employees they were “unable to determine under what license the bank operated in Dragaš.”

Source: Beta/B92