“Thousands of IDPs continue to live in very difficult conditions in collective centres and irregular settlements, among them elderly, ill, disabled, severely traumatized individuals, witnesses in war crime investigations and trials, female-headed households and families of missing persons, i.e. the most vulnerable among IDPs whose situation has not been satisfactorily resolved. Displaced Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians live under miserable conditions in irregular settlements. The time has come to find a dignified solution for these various vulnerable populations as a matter of priority. They are unlikely to return to their places of origin, even in the event of dramatic changes or to become capable of living on their own. Competent authorities at all levels, in coordination with international agencies and donors, should urgently seek durable solutions for these persons, including alternative housing and appropriate institutional arrangements such as social housing, placement with foster families or in homes respecting their right to human dignity and develop, with the support of the international community, a comprehensive plan of action in this regard.”

9 January 2006

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