Belgrade, Kosovska Mitrovica, 10 December 2007 — Serbian officials say that the human rights record in the country is worst in Kosovo.

Director of Human and Minority Right Service Petar Lađević made the statement on the occasion of the International Human Rights Day, December 10.Human rights are on a satisfactory level elsewhere in the country, Lađević added.

“But not even their most elementary form is respected in this Serbian province, such as freedom of movement and right to life, while in the rest of Serbia they could be better,” he told a news conference.

Lađević pointed out that the human rights of the Roma, or Gypsy, population in Serbia have not been completely achieved anywhere in the country, and explained that this ethnic community suffered from deeply rooted prejudice which leads to their discrimination.

Also Monday, the Kosovo Serb National Council, SNV, said in a statement that the Serbs in the province, after eight years of international presence there, are not guaranteed basic human rights.

The organization pointed out that it was “absurd that Serbs, as a constituent people, are experiencing in one part of the state unprecedented terror on the part of ethnic Albanians.”

“The international community, whose presence guarantees respect for basic human rights – is just looking on,” the SNV cautioned, and added that it demanded “the long-standing terror against Serbs to cease.”

The Kosovo Serb organization also demands from the international community, in keeping with international law and UN SC Resolution 1244, to create conditions for finding a mutually acceptable solution to the future status of Kosovo, the statement said.

Source: Tanjug/B92