Bonn, 4 December 2007 – The German chapter of Amnesty International has called on the German federal government and on the governments of the Länder to stop deportations of people from ethnic minorities to Kosovo.

The organisation criticises the forced repatriation of Ashkali and Kosovo Egyptian on the basis of a memorandum of understanding concluded between the German federal government and UNMIK. It is concerned that the German authorities may start to deport Roma after the withdrawal of the UN from Kosovo.

The organisation points out at the security situation in Kosovo which affects ethnic minorities in particular. It also points out at the persisting discrimination of Kosovo Roma and Serbs. Finally, the organisation underlines that many refugees from Kosovo suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder which cannot be treated in Kosovo and at the risk for women who have become victims of sexual abuse to be stigmatised by their communities.

A detailed background report is available at:$FILE/AI-LKB-Kosovo-Serbien-2007-12.pdf (in German only)