Topola Municipal President Dragan Jovanović is stirring up further controversy.

Jovanović, who earlier this week told daily Politika in an interview that he wished to set B92 on fire, has strong views on minorities too.
At an official presentation of the Šumadija municipality, Jovanović said that the future Roma community would be put behind barbed wire to prevent them walking the streets, as residents opposed such neighbors moving in.

The Topola president is attempting to solve citizens’ everyday problems in direct communication via the municipality’ s website.Also included there, among letters, is a call from a group of citizens, who are concerned because plans are afoot to build a facility for housing citizens of Roma origin. They oppose the move and are asking for protection from the municipal president. His reply is as follows: “Dear citizens, I share your concern, above all for your safety and for living conditions in your area, following the decision to build 10 or so flats for socially threatened groups, including a certain number of Roma.” “First and foremost, my friends, your fears are unfounded. The facility will be located at the very bottom of the municipality, almost right next to the lake. Your street will be used for the transportation of materials.“On completion of construction, a barbed wire fence will be erected to physically prevent them from using Rade Blagojević Street.”

“I can’t allow Roma into the center of the town, money has already been wasted once, I really cannot afford to hesitate any longer. I guarantee that you won’t have any undesired contact with them,” concludes Jovanović.

Source: B92, FoNet