The National Strategy for Resolving the Problems of Refugees and the Internally
Displaced Persons represents an integral part of the long-term state policy and asserts
the commitment of the country to reforms. Successful implementation of the National
Strategy in ensuring conditions for local integration and repatriation calls for
establishment of concrete mechanisms, instruments and measures at the republican,
federal and local levels. It also requires more intensive cooperation with the
international agencies and donors and numerous solutions in respect of organisational,
legal and financial issues. This daunting task shall be coordinated by the Committee
for Refugees, War Affected and Internally Displaced Persons of the Government of the
Republic of Serbia headed by th e Vice President Dr Nebojsa Covic. The first results are to be expected in the course of 2002. In view of the enormous costs thereof, the
National Strategy shall be presented to the representatives of the international

30 May 2002

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