A documentary by Stefano Giantin, Saputnik Film 

In June 1999, following the end of the three-months lasting NATO military campaign against Yugoslavia, the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) was established. UNMIK was the first peace-building operation ever based on the idea of an UN administration fully governing a post-conflict territory.

During the first year of the establishment of UNMIK, over 240.000 members of minorities — mostly Serbs, Roma and Gorani — fled Kosovo. Hundreds of those who stayed, were killed, kidnapped or otherwise brutally persecuted for not belonging to the majority community.

According to UNHCR, only around 15.000 IDPs returned to Kosovo until 2007. Those who return live in ghettoes dispersed through Kosovo. Threats, harassments and isolation are part of the daily life of the returnees.

The script is available at: http://www.saputnik.net/uncategorized/a-minority-report-the-script/?lan=italian