A report Saferworld and the Forum for Civic Initiatives on perceptions of conflict, access to justice and opportunities for peace in Kosovo. 

This report examines issues that communities, NGOs and justice sector workers in Kosovo identify as potential drivers of conflict under the categories of governance and politics, social and cultural, economics and livelihoods, and security and justice. 

With the end of the current round of status negotiations scheduled for 10 December, the report gives recommendations that can be acted on immediately, regardless of the final status decision, to help ensure a peaceful transition to the next phase of Kosovo’s future.

From the report:

“Informal mechanisms: The dilemma for the Roma community The use of Serbian-dominated informal mechanisms for solving disputes can be particularly problematic for the Roma community living in Serb-majority areas. In most cases where there is a need to address a problem between Roma and Kosovo Serbian communities, the Bridge Watchers may intervene. However, according to focus group participants on many occasions the resolution of the problem may not be in the best interests of the Roma community because the Bridge Watchers are keener to protect the interests of the Kosovo Serbian community. They would therefore not be the first choice of non-formal mechanism from the perspective of the Roma community. To avoid additional problems, the Roma community is reluctant to report these kinds of “conflict mitigation cases” to the KPS, since the KPS is mostly staffed with Kosovo Serbian officers and perceived to work, unofficially, in collaboration with the Bridge Watchers.”   

The report is available at:  

http://www.saferworld.org.uk/images/pubdocs/SafePlace%20Conflict%20Analysis%202%20Report%2020071202%20English.pdf  (in English)

http://www.saferworld.org.uk/images/pubdocs/SafePlace%20Conflict%20AnalysisReport%202%2020071202%20Albanian.pdf (in Albanian)

http://www.saferworld.org.uk/images/pubdocs/SafePlace%20Conflict%20Analysis%202%20Report%2020071202%20Serbian.pdf (in Serbian)