20 March 2007  – The Unified Rromani Party of Kosovo held its elections assembly on 18th of March 2007 inPrizren. Mr. Haxhi Zylfi Merxha was relected at the head of the party. Prizren. The Unified Rromani Democratic Party of Kosovo held its presidium’s election meeting in Prizren. The delegates discussed three items of the agenda.

At the beginning of the meeting Mr. Haxhi Sylfi Merxha was presented as the unique candidate at the presidency of the party and was elected unanimously by the participants. The assembly then proceeded with the election of the 11 local delegates of the party. The candidates were elected as heads of the local branches of the Unified Rromani Party of Kosovo.

The third item of the agenda highlighted the difficult situation of the Rroms in Kosovo, especially in terms of economic situation and unemployment. Answering the questions, Mr. Merxha declared among others: “We should work together for theeducation of our children. Education is the only way through which we could achieve progress. We believe that in September Kosovo will obtain full independance, something that we, theRroms, wish as well. As Kosovars, we want to lead Kosovo by ourselves, without theinternational presence”.

He further answered questions on the return of refugees: “No European country will deplace Rroms by force. We will protect them. Only those Rroms who wish to do so can return to Kosovo, but we have to guarantee work, integration in Kosovar society and normal livingconditions”.

Mr. Zafir Berisha, from the Democratic Party of Kosovo, an ancient commander of the Kosovo Liberation Army, attended the meeting as a guest.Rroms from Northern Kosovo and those from the enclaves, areas where a large part of theRromani population is living today, was not present at the meeting.

Source: Courrier des Balkans