The situation regarding persons displaced from Kosovo remains, three years on, a cause for concern. Whilst UNSCR 1244 places an obligation on the international administration to provide for the safe and secure return of all refugees and persons displaced from their homes in Kosovo, success has to date been achieved only in respect of the approximately 850,000 Albanian Kosovans who fled their homes in early 1999. Of the 230,000 Serbian, Roma and other minority internally displaced persons (IDPs) officially registered in Serbia and Montenegro and the 3300, predominantly Roma, refugees in “the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”, the vast majority of whom fled after the arrival of KFOR ground troops, only a few thousand have so far returned. Indeed, only this year has the number of returning non-Albanian Kosovans begun to exceed the number of those still leaving.” 


The report can be downloaded here: kosovo-coe-hchr.doc